No One can Dice Set with Vegas Craps


Many gamers who play Vegas Craps at the Aztec Riches Casino started out by playing the game in real life. They probably played plenty of rounds in regular casinos or even on small home tables.

These players have more than likely given some thought to the theory of dice control. While few gamblers study it extensively, most people at least subconsciously feel that they can manipulate the outcome of the dice with their throwing motion.

Some dice setters actually attempt to master certain types of physical throws that they feel will give them an advantage over the competition. In doing so, they consciously believe that they can generate a distribution of outcomes that isn’t really random. Ostensibly, this should allow them to win more games.

Proficient controlled dice shooters attempt to limit the spin of the dice to motion along the z-axis of the craps table. Some particularly practiced shooters actually try to set the velocity of each die to the same as the other. This is certainly a difficult skill to master, but some gamblers truly feel that it gives them an extra edge at the tables.

When working with a computer program, this isn’t really possible. There’s no legal way to manipulate the outcome of the dice. However, some mathematicians have actually suggested that dice control doesn’t really do much of anything. No matter how controlled one is, there are some mathematical studies that suggest that practiced shooters don’t actually do any better than those who simply throw the dice around.

That means that according to at least one school of thought, players don’t have anything to loose from switching from a table to a desktop. Even if people can gain a significant amount of control over the dice, it takes a great deal of practice. So much so, in fact, that one could say it’s hardly worth it. After all, it’s better to enjoy the game. If one isn’t having fun, then playing craps isn’t what they should be putting their time and effort into.

There’s a major benefit to playing with the Vegas Craps software, by the way. Malfunctions in the computer program cause plays and pay outs to be rendered null and void. While this seems like a curse, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. People have lost money at lesser online casino games because they got caught in some sort of a system crash. They’re protected from that sort of thing with this program. For more information, visit

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